Getting to Know Marcus Crescentini

Palm Beach Blazer Marcus Crescentini, a 6-5/220lb right handed pitcher who currently attends Indian River State College in Ft. Pierce, Florida and will be transferring to the prestigous University of Tampa for the 2014 season.  We had a chance to ask him a few questions about himself and his future in the game.


Blazers:  Where did you grow up and where did you play in your high school years?

Marcus:  I grew up in Wesley Chapel, Florida which is right outside of Tampa and played at Wesley Chapel High School.  During the summers I played for the Florida Stars and also the Tampa Bullets.


Blazers:  What did junior college baseball do for your career?

Marcus:  It gave me a chance to pitch right away as a freshman which not many D1 freshman get a chance to do.  It also allowed me to play a lot of draft calibur players in the State of Florida which was a great challange to help me develop quicker.  The main thing was pitching in the Florida JUCO State Tournament  in Lakeland, I started hitting 94/95MPH which started giving me a lot of attention from scouts and colleges.


Blazers:  What are your expectations for the upcoming 2013 Blazers season?

Marcus:  I'd like to get as many starts as possible and to get more looks before the draft.  I am excited to face more quality hitters that I've heard about in the league.


Blazers:  You were named the #1 Pre Season SFCBL prospect, what are your expectations for the 2013 MLB Draft?

Marcus:  I would like to go as high as possible of course but at the same time I will be honored if a team gives me the opportunity to help their organization out.  If the draft is not an option I am thrilled to  play for UT(University of Tampa) next year, I'm happy that Coach Urso gave me the opportunity.  I am also honored that the SFCBL named me the number 1 Pre Season Prospect.


Blazers:  What are your interests outside of baseball?

Marcus:  I like to fish, play golf, go to the beach or anything that is relaxing for me.


Marcus is scheduled to start on opening night June 3rd at 7PM against the Boca Raton Lightning at Dick Brown Park in Lake Worth.  For more information, visit



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